About Us

About Us


TopTex is a Thailand-based latex brand with 30 years of specialized industry expertise in the manufacturing and design of high quality, affordable latex mattresses, pillows and sleep products.

We are dedicated towards making a difference in our society as socially responsible corporate individuals and towards improving lives of everyone we have the honor of serving through luxurious, comfortable sleep.




A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for health.

In fact, it is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function which includes cognition, concentration, productivity and performance (1). Without proper sleep, all of these important brain functions are negatively affected. Sleep deprivation is also one of the strongest risk factors for obesity (2) and type 2 diabetes (3).

Unfortunately, modern day lifestyle trends and changes are interfering with natural sleep patterns. We are now sleeping less than we did in the past. Sleep quality has decreased as well.

At Toptex, we are passionate about the quality of your sleep. By dedicating ourselves towards improving lives by improving sleep quality, we have invested more than 30 years of research and development into refining our Dunlop latex processes to create 100% natural latex sleep products that combine the finest natural toxin-free cushioning with an internal, zoned, pressure-point support system for proper back support and extended durability.

All principal materials of Toptex are directly from nature: 100% natural latex and Tencel fabric.

Tencel is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. It is obtained from eucalyptus trees that are grown on farms—no old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used. These forests and the pulp produced for Tencel have earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification that the products come from socially and environmentally responsible forests. The European Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification has also endorsed Tencel’s farming practices as sustainable. Tencel eliminates the negative environmental impacts of traditional fiber processing, using new sustainable technologies.

With Toptex, you can be assured that you are getting the healthiest sleep of your life – now and for 20 years to come.





Eco-responsibility is at the heart of everything we do at Toptex. We insist that both the materials and the manufacturing of our products be as healthy for our planet as they are for our customers.

Our 100% natural latex carries the prestigious and independent certification from the ECO-INSTITUT in Cologne, Germany. Their certificate of approval demonstrates that our products have been tested and proven to exceed the legal requirements for quality and health harmlessness of latex and mattress products. It means that our latex does not contain volatile organic compounds, persistent organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehyde or phthalates.

Here is how we do it:


Natural latex is tapped from tropical rubber trees in our rubber plantations in Thailand, strained for impurities, and delivered to our Bangkok-based production facilities for processing.


The liquid latex is mixed with a small amount of nontoxic, inorganic ingredients (needed for all latex production).


The thick rubber sap is whipped into an airy batter in a centrifuge.


It’s then poured into a mold studded with hundreds of narrow pins. These pins create cells that enhance latex’s natural breathability provide our unique pressure point relief and support structure. The batter is then steam baked in the mold until it solidifies.


Our team then goes through a rigorous and strict process of vetting the quality of each batch of products for inconsistencies or defects.


Approved mattress cores are then wrapped in hypoallergenic Tencel fabric and readied for shipment.


We deliver our mattresses to our business partners or directly to you!
When you compare a Toptex product against other memory foam, gel, synthetic foam or traditional coil-spring sleep products, the differences are clear. We craft our ultra-premium, green latex mattresses from natural and organic materials without toxic industrial chemicals and without petroleum-based polyurethane foams. By employing the traditional Dunlop manufacturing process that’s been in use since 1929, our products are clean, green, amazingly resilient, supportive and durable.

By collaborating with nearby rubber plantations near our factories, we are able to keep our carbon footprint smaller than manufacturers who import theirs.