Bamby Pillow

SIZE: 38.5cm x 58cm

Breathable and cooling
All Natural Material
Eco-friendly production
Improves Neck and Back Health
Negative-ion emitting
5-year warranty

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This pillow is made entirely from naturally collected latex with no chemical additives or harmful toxins, and is carefully designed to keep you cool and provide unique support to significantly improved neck and back health.

This pillow was made at the source from a selection of the highest quality natural latex material grown and collected in Thailand. It was made using the Dunlop method where natural latex is churned into a foam and then formed in a mold. This process has less impact on the environment than synthetic latex or Talalay production methods so that water from the process far exceeds the strictest standards for water use in a factory and results in a truly natural product. This production method also results in the strongest most durable support which is why we offer a 5-year warranty for each one.